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Web Design

Our web design philosphy is very simple. You are the customer and you must be happy with your website in order for your customers are happy with it. We feel you need to be heavily involved (if you wish) to make this site work for you. We will do mockups as many times as needed to make it right. We will offer advice or options during this design phase that can help your site be attractive. We are here for you, not you are here for us. In order to make this a reality, we offer a guarantee to you to not create multiple sites the same for the same industry. An example would be if you are into clothing sales, your site will not be the same as another clothing sales business with just different pictures and text but the same layout.

We like to look at web design in 2 different aspects. We have design in what all the people see when they go to your website and we also have design in the background that happens when they click on something.

First lets talk a little about what your customers will see. We will refer to this as web design throughout the rest of the page. When we build your page, we want the customer to be drawn to your main hightlight of the page. We have a graphic designer on staff to help create a logo if you don't already have one or can take your current logo and design the page around it. Our designer has a graphic design degree and has been in business for over 10 years. We can also photograph anything that you would like to put on your site and make the photos web ready.

Next, I would like to discuss Web Backend Programming. This is what is happening for instance in searches, guestbooks, looking up prices on items, or anything that is built from what you are selecting. We use a technique called ASP or Active Server Pages that will let us build the page based on input from the user or from a database. We can build the database so that you will not even have to have MS Access loaded on your PC but can do all the administrative work from your web browser. This makes it very easy for you to change the information yourself and have it done as soon as you input it instead of having to wait for me to make the change. This coding does cost a little more up front but can pay for itself in a short time period in labor savings from a web designer/webmaster.

Now for the finale, if you are wondering what we are able to do then take a peek at some of the sites we have already done:





Web Design prices can be very complicated so pricing can change very quickly. Here are some of our rates so you can calculate a base price but let us work up an estimated quote for you on a completed site.

Web Design $40/hour
Web Backend Programming $75/hour
Photo Manipulation $50/hour
Logo Creation $50/hour
Gathering Photos $40/hour + $2/mile one-way
Prebuilt Web Modules Varies depending on complexity

Web Consulting

Our web consulting philosphy is very simple as well. You are the customer and you must be happy with your website in order for your customers are happy with it. We can meet with you to discuss your current website and ways to help draw more traffic to your site. This may include small changes in advertising, registering your website with search engines, or color changes.

We can also consult on the best practices so you can relay information to your current web designer so you are getting what you are requesting. Sometimes we (web designers) use terminology that is Greek to the average person so we would be more than happy to help get your ideas across to the design firm.

For Web Consulting we charge a flat fee of $40 per hour plus mileage if outside of our area.

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