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PC Repair

For some people, disconnecting their computer and bringing it to a shop is frightening. For a small additional fee, (based on location) I will come to your home and work on your PC. If you do feel comfortable disconnecting a PC, then you can save the small fee and bring the PC to me and I will get it fixed and let you know when it is ready to pick up.

Currently, I am only knowledgeable in PCs and not MACs. I am not a certified warranty provider for any brand unless it is my own but would be more than happy to take a look and see if we can get you running and back on your feet.

PC repair fees vary drastically and are hard to predict. I do not charge a bench charge but do have a minimum fee of $25. Everything else is based on an hourly rate of $40 in increments of 15 minutes. Usually I can give a pretty good estimate of about what it is going to take if the problem is a common occurance and will call with estimate if needed before proceeding further for other repairs.

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