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PC Purchase

If you are looking for a computer built in a factory setting and needing it rather quickly then you need to check out our PC Purchase Consultation. If you you prefer a custom configuration that you can not get at most vendors, that is when Bubba's Computers 'n More will come to the rescue and build you computers to meet your needs. Through 10 years of experience in PC repair and PC building, I can give you ideas on the best components that would satisfy your needs. Then we will go to work for you and get you a machine that will be treated as special as you are with tender loving care and only using top quality parts. We will finish the customization with our warranty that will make you feel great about your purchase.

PC Parts

There are times that you realize after you have owned a PC for a while that you wish you would have added or now the part is broke and you wish to replace. We offer you name brand parts that are reliable and best suited for your PC. This can range from a floppy drive to a new DVD rewriteable drive.

PC Accessories and Software

We like to offer you access to about any accessory or software title that is currently available. We realize that you would like to get the part for the best price. It is our philosphy to not stock shelves with this but to wait until you are needing it and getting it for you at the best current cost. We can have most products shipped to us and received within 2 to 3 business days. If it is needed even faster then please let us know and we will accomodate your every need.

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