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PC Networking

You have a situation that you know own 3 computers but don't want to buy 3 printers. This is a perfect example of building a network to handle the computers. Networking is not only for businesses anymore but also for your home in order to share high speed internet, play games against each other, share files between computers, or sharing printers.

But we have old and new PCs, you ask. That is okay. We can build a network using any machine with the same Operating System but different version. An example would be 1 PC is running Windows 95, 1 is running Windows 98, 1 is running ME, and you just recently purchased a PC with Windows XP. No problem. With a little bit time and effort, we will having those computers "chatting away".

We can sit down with you and go over a networking scheme and decide if it would be more cost effective to build a wireless network that would save time and money over having to pull cables around or if we would need to pull cables and build a network by cabling. Either way we are here to serve your networking needs.

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